We design and build the best farm for you, based on over 8 years of designing, building and operating s. For those who are already in operation, such as a greenhouse operator, and you want to dramatically increase your crop growing capacity and annual farm yield, we have the equipment to do it and deliver real value by pinpointing ways to reduce crop input and boost yield; at the end of the day we help you produce bigger, better crops and increased profit.
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For farmers who want to create a local, on site supply chain of fresh, nutritious Alfa-hay. Our design and build service will take you from planning and design right through to macro nutrient based dietary supplementation to your livestock. We show farmers dramatic cost savings to traditional feed crops as-well as an increased ROI on milk yield, fertility rates and Lean mass gain.

Our system benefits animals in the following way:

  • Increases weight gain
  • Reduces illness such as colic and gut ulcers
  • Improves appearance of coat or fleece
  • Improvements in hoof strength and quality
  • Improved conception and birth rates
  • Improves milk yield and levels of unsaturated fatty acids (UFA)


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With over ten years of successful operations we like to think we know a little about Vertical Crop Culture. Our experienced team of growers and agronomist have consulted on hundreds of projects around the world to help new or experienced practitioners with obstacles and challenges they face in the day to day operations of there facilities and farms.

We can assist with:

  • Full system analysis
  • Nutrient analysis
  • Irrigation analysis
  • Crop inspection and testing
  • Design and build
  • Market research

What ever your requirement we are hear to share our knowledge and experience.

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We supply farmers all over the world with fresh nutritious Alfa Hay in bail or pellet form. Wit a current annual production capacity of 100,000 MT
we can supply branded or white labelled products based on your needs.

We offer FOB pricing globally and can supply:

  • Bailed Alfa-hay
  • Alfa-hay pellets
  • Alfa-hay Qubes

If you are looking for an affordable, consistent supply of Alfa-hay contact us with your requirements.

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There is little to no point in growing crops you can not sell, growers often begin with building facilities and then look to create partners and off-takers for there crop. local shops, supermarkets and restaurants are all looking for similar supply services from growers which include:

  • Quality of product
  • Packaging of product
  • Product taste and colouring
  • Product price competitiveness
  • Product supply capability
  • Product returns policy
  • Payment terms from suppliers

Verticroft’s management team have a vast experience in setting up commercial facilities to operate as business contact us today about outsourcing our management services.